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Adult Classes


At USTA Adult training, we cater to both novices and experienced players.

Our adult training groups are limited to a maximum of 4 participants, ensuring focused attention from our coaches on a single court.

Our coaches are Johannes Raun, Laura-Retti Laos, Priit Jõe, Alexander Khivrenko, Tormi Tulvik, and Katriin Saar.

This season, sessions run for 1.5 hours and are held on weekday evenings.

Beginners Groups

In our beginner groups, participants acquire fundamental techniques and skills. Advanced group training primarily emphasizes the refinement of players' tactical abilities, providing immediate on-field practice opportunities. Additionally, USTA adults can engage in club competitions, allowing them to compete against training partners and gauge their progress.

Registration for the 2023/24 season training sessions, held at Forus Tondi Sports Center, Sõjakooli 10, is now open.

Tennis coaches
Image by John Fornander

Price list

Once a week - €175 per month

Twice a week - €300 per month

If you're interested in the training sessions held at Tondi, please email

See you in practice!

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