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USTA Regulations

A reminder for the player and parent

The US Tennis Academy of SA (USTA) is a private extracurricular institution providing children and young individuals with supplementary tennis education and sports training based on a carefully designed curriculum.

The USTA's regulations detail its primary objectives, educational framework, admission and graduation protocols, student rights and responsibilities, fee establishment and disbursement procedures, organizational structure, and other administrative aspects.

In addition, the following points of the USTA Rules of Procedure must be kept in mind:

  • Participation in study and training work takes place according to the lesson plan. Going to the field before the start of the training period is prohibited or regulated by the coach. The correct training time is regulated by the clock installed on the courts.

  • Each student uses his own equipment (sneakers, racket) during training.

  • The inventory, equipment and property of the USTA and the sports center and its use must be treated with good stewardship (racquets, balls, etc.). Property damage caused by the student to the school or sports center is compensated either by the student, his parents or his guardian in accordance with the procedure provided by legislation. In case of damage to the court surface, a specific restoration cost will be assessed. The cost is presented to the offender, his parents or guardian for compensation.

  • It is allowed to go to the field only in special indoor shoes with non-lubricating soles (indoor courts) or outdoor shoes with non-damaging soles (outdoor courts). The coach has the right not to allow on the field if the rules are ignored.

  • In study and training, the principles of sportsmanship and fair play must be followed, behavior and activities contrary to sports ethics must be avoided, including those that may harm training, health and physical ability (including doping, destruction, uncensored language, etc.). The coach issues a warning for unsportsmanlike behavior, and if the warning is ignored, the coach has the right not to be allowed on the field.

  • The lockers in the locker rooms are for use only during training. When leaving the center, make sure that you have taken your personal belongings with you and return the locker card/key to the center.

  • USTA Student maintains the good reputation of US Tennis School.

  • USTA A student competes on behalf of the US Tennis School or SA US Tennis Academy.

  • About the USTA competitor, the student regularly undergoes sports medical check-ups and stands for his good health.

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