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US Tennis Academy is Estonia's leading tennis school, boasting the highest enrollment and exceptional competitive achievements.

USTA aims to make tennis accessible to a wide audience through structured instruction, fostering athleticism, and promoting holistic development in alignment with a healthy lifestyle.



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Tennis School

The primary offering of the US Tennis Academy is its children's tennis school, which is overseen by a team of 18 coaches and attended by nearly 550 young players. Coaches are specialized in various age groups and skill levels. Groups typically consist of 6 to 8 players on one court, with 4 players per court in competitive sessions. While training primarily occurs on the tennis court, there is also an option to incorporate general physical training for parallel development.

Adult Training

Our Adult Tennis School started activities in 2014. We offer tennis training for both beginners and advanced players.

Training takes place at FORUS Sports Center Tondi (formerly Tondi Tennis Center), Audentes Tennis Hall and Forus Sports Center Viimsi.

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The USTA is committed to propelling the sport of tennis forward through inventive programming and comprehensive training initiatives. 

With its year-round calendar of events and activities, the USTA provides a range of options for players of all ages and proficiency levels to engage with the sport, including enrollment clinics, summer camps, and specialized training programs.

To learn more about USTA's exciting projects, read more.


Our badminton school was established in 2014.

50 kids between the ages of 5 and 18 attend the training with 2 coaches. Children are separated into two groups for training purposes based on their ages.

In addition to learning about smashes and movement skills, groups are put on three badminton courts where kids can obtain enough general physical activity.

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The US Tennis Academy's training groups consist of either six or four members, with sessions lasting either 60 or 90 minutes. Costs are determined based on group size and weekly training intensity.

Residents of Tallinn and Viimsi are eligible for additional discounts, either through a head allowance confirmation or as a family discount. Comprehensive physical conditioning is an integral component of competition-focused training groups.

Fees are billed on a monthly basis, allowing for unlimited participation. A separate pricing structure applies to members of the game club aged 4-6. Additionally, adult training incurs different fees for both Viimsi and Tondi. For detailed pricing for badminton players, refer to our price list.


The US Tennis Academy operates in Forus Sports Centers in Tondi, Viimsi and Nõmme and in the Audentes hall. Both the Tondi and Viimsi centers have only received praise from top tennis players from abroad. These are modern, high-quality sports centers, with side activities from child care and food places to various sports medicine service providers, not to mention the Golden Club fitness club.

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