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About our school

The main focus of US Tennis Academy is the children's tennis school.

We employ 18 tennis coaches who oversee a group of nearly 550 young players. These coaches specialize in different age groups and skill levels. Each group typically comprises 6 to 8 players on a single court, with competitive groups having 4 participants. While training primarily occurs on the tennis court, there is also the option to incorporate general physical training for further development.

The USTA's objective is to offer all tennis school students the chance to gain competitive experience.

Some players frequently participate in international tournaments, while many others engage in GP series stages or youth league competitions. Younger participants can test their skills in colored ball tournaments. However, there are also those who have yet to venture into competitive play.

The competitive aspect holds significant value in tennis, offering lessons beyond regular training. We never compel anyone to participate in tournaments, but we provide the opportunity for everyone to compete.

One pathway to competition is through USTA intramural tournaments, a series that commenced in 2016.

Our tennis school provides an inclusive environment for learning, growth, and competition. Each player determines their own objectives when stepping onto the court.

We extend our best wishes to all our students for success!

See you at training!

Tennis player hitting a ball
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