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Adult Classes


The US Tennis Academy (USTA) provides meticulously designed tennis instruction tailored for adults. Our training sessions are held at Forus Sports Center in Viimsi (Karulaugu tee 13).

Training groups are organized based on skill level, catering to both beginners and those with more experience. The initial trial session will help the coach assess your level.

For beginners, we cover the fundamental rules of tennis and explain court markings. We commence training with slower balls to facilitate a smoother and quicker transition into gameplay right from the first lesson.

The primary focus of advanced group training is honing players' tactical skills, providing immediate on-field practice opportunities.

Each training group consists of four participants, with sessions lasting either 1 or 1.5 hours. Our experienced USTA coaches, Roland Kiil, Siim Mansberg, and Karmo Karema, lead the sessions.

The USTA Adult School is dynamic and continuously evolving. We place significant emphasis on the social aspect as well. To this end, we're organizing exciting tournaments that cater to players of various skill levels. Regular play not only improves skills and technique but also enhances mental readiness. Tennis is a strategic sport that offers both physical and mental challenges!

To register and get more information, contact: - 5199 8969.



See you at training!

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