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US Tennis Academy (USTA) is one of the leading tennis schools in Estonia in terms of number of children and competitive results.

The Academy started its activities in 2009, in the new Forus Sports Center Tondi, which has been the heart of Estonian tennis since its completion.

Tondi Tennis Center has a Golden Club gym, 10
indoor courts, 7 outdoor courts, 6 badminton courts and 4 squash courts which are in high demand.

Because hundreds of people attend every day, the US Tennis Academy is also a popular and well-known tennis school, where many parents want to bring their children or come to play themselves.

The administrative area of the center is also Audentes tennis hall, where the USTA also partly conducts its own regular training sessions.

Since the fall of 2014, the US Tennis Academy's Adult Tennis School has also been open.

In September 2018, the USTA department operating in Forus Spordikeskus Viimsi was opened. From 2022, we also offer adult tennis lessons in Viimsi. There are 4 hard courts and 2 carpet courts in Viimsi. The carpeted courts are located under a canopy, the walls of which can be raised automatically to play in the fresh air in warm weather, but to be protected from the rain.

From 2022, we will partially conduct summer training on the then renovated legendary Nõmme tennis courts. The US Tennis Academy Badminton School has also been open since 2014. For this season, we have joined hands with a new coach with international experience. Since the fall of 2017, USTA has also been operating in Viimsi under the leadership of head coach Martin Parmas.

The goal of USTA is to bring as many people as possible to tennis, badminton and dance and through systematic education, to raise a person who develops harmoniously with a sporty and healthy lifestyle.

The core values of the US Tennis Academy are quality at every step, openness in activities, feedback and the best customer service, and performance.

The study period lasts from autumn to mid-June.

Groups of competitive athletes train year-round. From last season, we also opened summer training for all groups in Tondi.

We have organized various summer camps for children. City camps on Tondi and Nõmme for completely new tennis enthusiasts. For our own students, city camps in Viimsi and camps in Adila Wellness and Recreation Center. Camps for competition-oriented groups have taken place both in Viljandi and Kääriku. The plan is to hold camps also during the school holidays within the season. The tennis academy has top Estonian players of all ages, a large number of recreational tennis players, adult trainers, badminton players and dancers.

The tennis school's major supporter is Viking Motors /KIA. Indoor and outdoor courts named after the partner can be found on Tondi. KIA ProCeed models are the faithful companions of USTA coaches for traveling to tournaments and camps. USTA's ball partner is Piletilevi. BLRT is a long-term supporter.

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